Each of EVA's plans have been designed for specific uses based on the average number of minutes per month to capture and store your important data.

Should you find you need more minutes than your current plan offers, simply upgrade your plan to one with more minutes (effective on the first day of your next billing cycle), by calling one of our Customer Service Coaches at 1-800-665-6803. Our coaches are available as you make the transition into a more productive lifestyle.

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Finances Only Unlimited $59.95*
Starter 20 $69.65*
Basic 40 $99.95*
Standard 60 $129.95*
Deluxe 80 $159.95*
Expanded 120 $159.95*+
* Per user per month. A one time setup fee of $99.00 is applied to all enrollments.
+ Minimum one-year contract required.

Expense Tracker (Finances Only)
Unlimited Minutes
Call-in and log expenses immediately following a meeting (or other tax deductible event) for perfect record keeping. Priced at $59.95 a month, the Verbal Expense Tracking not only saves users thousands of dollars in lost deductions, but also eliminates potential fines by failing to follow mandatory (but oft unknown) IRS deduction logging rules. The service also saves users from wasting long weekends and nights spent tracking work expenses.
20 Minutes
This phone based book keeping system allows business professionals everywhere to simply and easily phone in their business expenses, income and mileage at the time they occur, enabling them to always have accurate and up to date tax records. With EVA Starter, not substantiating tax deductions is a thing of the past.
40 Minutes
Need more minutes to track your business expenses, income and mileage at the time they occur, enabling them to always have accurate and up to date tax records. With EVA Basic, not substantiating tax deductions is a thing of the past.
60 Minutes
Designed for professionals who are watching their pocketbook, the EVA Standard program offers all the benefits of the EVA Basic program as well as enough spare minutes to create and execute daily to-do lists, chart calendar events and send emails from your phone while riding on the subway. Organization and convenience without the price tag.
80 Minutes
In a world of hectic schedules and tight deadlines there never seems to be enough time to fit it all in. Well now there's help. The EVA Deluxe program was built for the business professional whose life is never their own. With extended minutes and catered service, the Deluxe system is the truest way to duplicate your efforts and increase your ability to communicate effectively, access critical data and never forget a client, meeting or event.
120 Minutes
For those professionals who have realized that they can't live without EVA, EVA Expanded offers you the extra minutes you will need to complete your dictation. You will enjoy all of the same features offered with EVA Deluxe but with those added minutes you simply must have. Why not commit to a more productive and organized life? Let EVA help you find the time you need to get it all done while making sense of your life. As you become more organized, you will find that EVA is an indispensable business tool! (Minimum one-year contract required)


The average corporate user uses about 58 minutes of dictation time per month. All of EVA's other services such as data storage and retrieval, sending emails, scheduling reminders, and keeping your active to-do list are included at no extra charge, without any time restrictions whatsoever.

Users of EVA's Expense Tracker (Finances Only) plan may use EVA just for tax data, expenses, car mileage etc. Most of these users dictate to EVA once a day.

Here is an example of a call report:
1/26/2006. Expense report: Had breakfast with Bill Smith about the new equipment at IHOP: $16.00. Car mileage was 32 miles roundtrip from office. Airline ticket to LA for convention was $230.00 Airport parking $15.00. The mileage to and from airport was 56 miles. The roundtrip cab fare from airport to convention center was $48.00. Had Lunch at the convention with Tom Jones discussing the new equipment lease at PF Changs $36.00 End report

30 Seconds! That's the time it took to dictate this entire report to EVA. Because EVA does so much so quickly it doesn't take much time to do a task. How much time would it take you to record and track the above data if you did it by hand and then tried to store it where you could get your hands on it a year or more from today? That is why EVA's slogan is: "Think it, say it, send it, store it."

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